BEST JUKI Sewing Machines

Best Juki Sewing Machines

Reviews of the best Juki sewing machines

JUKI is one of the most famous Japanese companies that manufacture household sewing equipment. The first sales were launched at the beginning of the last century, and today Juki household machines are extremely popular. This is due to their wide range of functions, as well as high-quality stitching, reliability.

How to choose Juki sewing machine

When choosing the best home sewing machine, you should pay attention not only to the main functions but also to additional ones, such as:

  • Differential conveyor. A useful function in the sewing machine when working with knitwear or when creating assemblies. With the help of two slats, the fabric is stretched, and in this position, it is stretched.
  • Needle threader. The device makes it easier to fill the threads. Especially useful for people with poor eyesight – there is no need to pass the thread through the eye of a needle.

Sewing without a pedal. You can control the engine operation through the button on the body, without expending force on pressing the foot pedal.

  • Needle positioning (top/bottom). The needle stops after finishing sewing in a pre-selected position: either over the fabric or pinning it to the plate. It is convenient when filling patterns or when you need to make a sharp U-turn.
  • The reverse. When the function is activated, the machine sews in reverse. It is she who makes the pin at the end of the line.
  • Sleeve platform. This means that you can separate part of the working area leaving a narrow area with a needle mechanism. It is used in the processing of sleeves.

When compiling the rating of sewing machines, strict criteria were taken into account. Moreover, only those who earned high ratings on review sites and received only positive reviews were shaved.

TOP-10 Juki sewing machine reviews

Place in TOPModelAverage rating
1Juki TL-2000Qi4.7
2Juki HZL-DX74.7
3Juki HZL-G2204.4
4Juki DDL-87004.3
5Juki HZL-LB51004.5
6Juki HZL F6004.7
7Juki HZL F3004.6
8Juki TL-2010Q4.7
9Juki HZL-27Z3.9
10Juki HZL-K853.9

10. Juki HZL – K 85

Juki HZL-K 85

The Juki HZL K85 electronic sewing machine has a wide range of sewing functions. Bright LED lights, automatic needle threader, a large number of stitches, alphabet embroidery, the ability to sew without a pedal, all this will help you to carry out almost any sewing project.

Stitch pattern size and needle position. You can change the size of the stitch patterns as well as the position of the needle. The HZL-K series has 15 needle positions.

2 stitch lock settings. The HZL-K series can automatically sew at the start and end of sewing. There are two types of lockstitch, reverse stitch and reinforcement stitch. Automatic buttonhole sewing. 8 automatic one-step buttonholes. Built-in needle threader.

Automatic tension adjustment. Normally, when the dial is set to Auto, it will work for most fabrics.

Easily sews thick fabrics. Press the black button of the presser foot so that the presser foot is parallel to the throat plate. This makes it easy to start sewing thick fabrics.

Needle stop position. Press the button to instantly change the position of the needle. Also, you can change the needle stop position. LED lighting. LED illuminates the needle area for better material handling. The LED does not heat up even during extended operations.

It can be a good place to learn how to use a serger for beginners.

9. Juki HZL – 27 Z

Juki HZL-27 Z

The Juki HZL-27Z sewing machine has the functions and capabilities to carry out complex sewing projects. Unlike other machines in its price range, this sewing machine easily processes thick denim. As a beginner sewing machine, it only has 22 stitches at a sewing speed of 550 stitches per minute. It’s slower than average speed, which also prevents you from adjusting it to your preference.

The Juki electric sewing machine has some automatic features that can be especially helpful when you are just starting to learn to sew. The automatic needle threader and bobbin winder help you complete your normal sewing tasks quickly and efficiently. The machine also has two needles, so you can easily hem your clothes.

Unfortunately, this simple sewing machine only has one buttonhole style and it uses a four-step buttonhole operation. The four-step buttonhole requires you to manually measure the button size and mark the fabric with the appropriate measurements. It will stop sewing after each section and you must turn the dial to the next step before sewing.

8. Juki TL – 2010 Q

Juki TL-2010 Q

The number of operations performed on the Juki TL-2010Q sewing machine is only one. Just one straight line, the maximum length of which is 6 mm – as on professional sewing machines. Juki 2010 has a very good package. The presence of a large number of feet was a pleasant surprise.

In the construction of the Juki TL-2010Q sewing machine, not only a metal frame is used, but also a body (the plastic is used only in one place on the right side) The machine is heavy, its weight is 16 kg.

Power consumption 98 watts.

The Juki 2010 sewing machine is very simple and convenient.

To simplify the threading of the upper thread, sewing machines Juki has installed a needle threader on the machine. It is applied when using needles 75-100 numbers. I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that the needle is inserted as on industrial machines – the eyelet is on the side.

The presser foot pressure regulator is located on top of the machine body. Below is a pressure indicator with a scale. When you adjust the presser foot pressure, the indicator arrow goes up or down. The lower the arrow, the more pressure and vice versa – the higher the arrow, the lower the pressure.

7. Juki HZL F 300

Juki HZL F 300

The Juki HZL F300 sewing machine has 105 built-in different stitch options!

Juki, a leader in industrial sewing equipment, is now bringing high technology to your home with the new F-Series of household sewing and quilting machines. This machine will surpass your expectations in functionality and reliability, even the Juki HZL F300 professionals will love it. Achieve professional results with a straight seam, great functionality, versatility for quilting and creating garments. Take advantage of Juki’s decades of industrial sewing experience at home and push the boundaries in sewing with the Juki HZL-F300.

To ensure beautiful seams and flawless fabric feeding, JUKI has adopted a rectangular fabric feeding system. The usual feed mechanism is an oval motion. Here, on the contrary, the advancement of the fabric is carried out horizontally. This advance of the fabric prevents the material from pulling together and shifting the layers. This feed system provides excellent stitch quality on most light to heavy fabrics.

Frequently used stitches can be selected at the touch of a button on the front of the machine.

The HZL-F series machines cut the upper needle and lower bobbin threads automatically by pressing the heel of the foot control. With this feature, you can concentrate on your sewing project by automatically trimming the thread.

6. Juki HZL F 600

Juki HZL F 600

This machine will surpass your expectations in functionality and reliability, even the Juki HZL F600 professionals will love it. Achieve professional results with a straight seam, great functionality, versatility for quilting and creating garments. Take advantage of Juki’s decades of industrial sewing experience at home and push the boundaries of sewing with the Juki HZL-F600.

The HZL-F series has an improved feed mechanism – a special steel feed rail and an improved system for attaching the presser foot. Difficult sewing tasks such as going from thin to thick when hemming jeans can be done with ease!

No fabric puckering, even when sewing the lightest materials.

The thick bag handle can be sewn on without any problem.

The knee lever allows you to raise the presser foot without using your hands. Ideal when sewing large pieces of fabric such as quilting.

This machine gets to the TOP-3 in the most sewing machine ratings.

5. Juki HZL – LB 5100

Juki HZL-LB 5100

The Juki HZL-LB5100 computerized sewing machine is a modern machine with excellent equipment and a rich set of operations. It is capable of performing 287 sewing operations, including 15 buttonhole options in automatic mode, 4 fonts. Multifunctionality and ease of use, the highest sewing speed among computer-controlled machines.

The machine features high performance, the sewing speed reaches 1050 lines per minute. It is probably the best sewing machine for advanced sewers. The automatic threading and cutting function makes sewing extremely easy. This is also facilitated by the raising of the foot at the end of the seam and the possibility of programming the pedal.

The sliding needle plate, thanks to which you can change the hole for the straight stitch and the regular needle hole without changing the needle plate, prevents material from entering the needle hole and ensures smooth feed at the start of sewing. Replacing the needle hole is carried out by changing the position of the lever, 7 pedal function by pressing the back of the pedal, slide mode, rotation mode, automatic lifting of the presser foot after thread trimming. It is possible to sew from 3-12 layers of denim, this features a 7-row feed dog, Juki has developed a specific angle of the teeth, which makes it easy to sew different types of fabric.

4. Juki DDL – 8700

Juki DDL-8700

This unique Juki DDL-8700 single-needle lockstitch machine is designed with the latest advances and changes in sewing mechanisms in mind for low-tension stitching.

High sewing speed, which reaches 5,500 sti/min. High-quality stitching. Ease of management. High level of reliability and performance.

Ease of maintenance is ensured by an advanced machine head that uses the advanced cam lever to adjust the feed dog.

Optimum balance and high strength of the machine head have been achieved by applying the latest 3D-CAD design technology. This significantly reduces vibration and noise, which significantly improves the operator’s working conditions.

Also, the machine has additional fixture locations for installing new optional parts in the future. Their high strength provides additional ease of use associated with frequent change of attachments.

Sewing mechanisms are maximally adapted to various sewing materials. Through constant research and modification of sewing mechanisms to achieve low tension sewing, the machine can be used on a variety of materials, demonstrating consistently high-quality stitching.

3. Juki HZL – G 220

Juki HZL-G 220

The Juki HZL-G 220 sewing machine is an electronic home sewing machine with an industrial rectangular fabric advance system and a clear LCD display. Juki HZL G220 offers up to 180 types of stitches, including monogramming, overlock and decorative stitches, quilting stitches, 9 types of automatic buttonhole, stitch storage in the machine memory. The Juki HZL-G220 has an increased sewing area of 20.3 cm to the right of the needle. Useful electronic functions allow the machine to sew without a pedal using the start/stop button, control the needle, trim the threads.

Backlit LCD display that informs you of the current machine settings (width, length, stitch type, etc.). Simple button operation – just select the stitch number and you can sew straight away. Box Feed is an industrial rectangular feed system that distributes any type of fabric evenly. For a consistent, precise, and secure seam. Automatic thread trimming. After pressing the button, the upper and lower threads are automatically cut.

Possibility of combined sewing using light and heavy fabrics at the same time. The shrinkage of the fabric is minimal. Powerful feed thanks to improved presser foot design. Heavy denim projects, can be seen easily!

2. Juki HZL – DX 7

Juki HZL - DX 7

The Juki DX7 computerized sewing machine combines ease of operation and functionality, so it is a good sewing machine for making clothes for both beginners and professionals. The device sews 287 types of stitches, and its powerful motor allows you to work even with dense fabrics, such as denim or jacquard.

The foot pedal with a programmable button can be used for individually tailored procedures: thread trimming, reverse stitching, etc. The Float Function system allows you to adjust the foot for sewing complex multi-layer materials and get high-quality stitches on various textures.

Fans of decorative finishing and quilting will appreciate the advantage of the stitch plate with a built-in switch to a straight stitch. This function greatly facilitates the processing of, particularly thin materials. And the smooth and accurate operation of the lower conveyor ensures a uniform grip of delicate fabrics and prevents them from jamming during sewing.

The device has a large number of functions and capabilities that facilitate the work of the seamstress: comfortable adjustment of the stitch length and zigzag width, buttonhole sensor for uniform processing of the right and left sides of the product, simplified lower threading, reverse. The case has a spacious compartment for neat storage of accessories.

1. Juki TL – 2000 Qi

Juki TL-2000 Qi

There’s only 1 stitch available on this machine. This Juki machine wasn’t built for fancy stitches-if that’s more your thing, you’re better off finding a different machine.

The high-quality of the Juki translates to high-quality stitches, and your garments will look more professional and be of better quality. This is not a machine for beginners who want to try a number of different decorative stitches.

The machine has a large working area of around 23 inches, which is great if you’re working on large sewing or quilting machine reviews. A flat-bed extension table is included with the purchase of the machine, to make your work area larger.

There’s a knee lever that allows you to lift or drop your presser foot hands-free so that you can hold onto the fabric and focus on the project you’re working on. This is handy for advanced and professional sewers.

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