About Us

Hello! We are Sew Sisters (Diana & Libby)  who love all things sewing. We began our sewing journey in 2016 and consider ourselves beginners. Growing up our parents owned an upholstery business but we never embraced our roots until our late twenties.  As little kids we used to have to do chores around the shop such as sweeping the scraps, cutting vinyl for piping and other tedious tasks that we didn’t associate sewing with fun. My dad was/is a fabric hoarder and my mom would always give him a hard time about buying unnecessary fabrics and spending money on tools. Little did we know, decades later that would be us!

Libby began to make her own cloth diapers for her two small children and I was so impressed by her skills and final product that I immediately got the itch to buy a sewing machine. In late 2016, we began making traditional bibs and quickly moved on to bibdanas. Since then we have moved on to other beginner projects such as simple skirts, tote bags and easy to make projects. We want to learn more and eventually move on to harder projects. Libby and I are both full time workers, wives, mothers so incorporating sewing into our busy lives isn’t always easy. Libby has a separate blog Ourplaypalace.com so she already has a lot on her plate. I always admire her drive and she is definitely an inspiration. I am a mother of a one and a half year old so a lot of the things I make are for him.

We are thankful to our families who support us in our hobbies. I’m especially thankful to my husband who pushed me to get my sewing machine (it is a big purchase for me) and motivating me to do what I want. I can’t say how many times we’ve been to a craft store for long periods of times and never once has he complained.

Sewing has allowed us to bond more as sisters and learn from each other and our sewing processes. I don’t know anyone around me or in my inner circle that likes to sew, so sometimes it can be hard to share my enthusiasm. We hope that if your are considering sewing or are a beginner that you take the plunge and discover your creativity. God Bless!

Diana & Libby