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Over the weekend we visited the San Diego Zoo for their Holiday light celebration. We stopped by to pick up my father in law and little brother in law. Now that Caleb is almost three, we enjoy these activities a lot more because he’s aware of the animals and loves the lights.

There is something spooky about visiting the zoo at night. I enjoy it but certain aspects of the night zoo cause me anxiety, such as the skyfari (gulp). I’m afraid of heights and add night time into the mix and I’m a nervous wreck. I know it’s perfectly safe but can’t help but fear something bad happening.

Going to the night time zoo means Caleb staying passed his bed time and when he was younger this was a big no-no or only for special occasions like Christmas Eve. Yes, I’m those type of moms but to be honest, I don’t regret it. He’s been such a good sleeper and that has given us the flexibility to enjoy the nights and for me that means lots of sewing. Maybe I could have been a bit more flexible but a cranky baby is no fun.

The zoo closed at 8 so we were out of there by then and Caleb said he was hungry. Usually he falls asleep on the way home if it’s past his bedtime but he didn’t this time so I figured we’d go drive thru and have a really late dinner at home. What kid doesn’t love McDonald’s? I know fast food isn’t good for anyone but it’s a treat and not an everyday thing so in the spirit of being “adventurous” we had a delicious fast food meal! It was nice to enjoy Caleb’s company and unwind after a busy night. He then fell fast asleep and we went on with our regular scheduled program.

By the way, I got a taste of what being in a house full of boys may be. My husband, father in law and little bro in law all have the same type of humor so it is interesting to see them all interact. I’m usually quiet so I take it all in but at the end of the night I needed some time to myself.

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