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Sew Thankful

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Last year I participated in my first ever blog tour, which you can read about here. If you read that post, you’ll see it features a pattern by Seamingly Smitten so what better way to close the year than to end it with another pattern from Seamingly Smitten. Before I go on, I’d like to explain what a blog tour is in case you’re not familiar with the term. Typically an online personality or pattern company will send out a call for sewing bloggers to participate in a “blog tour” and we are given a prompt. The prompt for this tour is “I’m sew thankful” and it is hosted by Simply by Ti. Ti provides us with the image and html code to link all of the participants’ posts. I remember freaking out on my first blog tour because I had no idea how to embed the html code, but the online community was very helpful. The html coding reminds me of back in the day when you had to add codes to your myspace page to get colors and backgrounds LOL. I wasn’t very good at it…

In thinking about the prompt, I started to look back at this year and everything I’ve accomplished and learned. I also thought about the person that got me here and the awesome makers I’ve met along the way. I come from a long list of family members who are makers. My mom and dad had an upholstery business for over 20 years. Another aunt had an upholstery business of her own and I even have a cousin who now owns an upholstery business in Guatemala. I recently learned that my grandma is really into knitting so it’s no wonder I love sewing. I really feel that sewing is in my blood but I wouldn’t have pursued this passion if it wasn’t for one of my sisters (Libby). A couple of years ago she started making cloth diapers for her kids and I was so impressed by her creations. She’s the reason why I joined Facebook groups and ultimately joined the blogging community. So if you ask me what I’m thankful for, I’d have to say I’m SEW thankful for people like Libby and YOU who have subscribed and read my posts. It may not be many of you, but it warms my heart that even one person reads the posts. I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve gotten to test over 33 patterns this year!! I have sew much to learn in the coming years but I can definitely see some improvements from a year ago.

I’m not going to go too much into detail on the pattern on this post for a couple of reasons. First of all, the photos I took are not very good. I took these a few weekends ago when my little guy was sick and my mom and sister visited us. They drove from LA to SD to make us a chicken soup and we just spent the whole day watching movies and hanging out so I lost track of time and had to run out quickly to take some photos. Secondly, it’s almost 10PM and I should really get to sleep soon. I just came back from a week of vacation so I’m pretty busy this week catching up.

I tested the Jolene dress/top pattern that has a mock turtleneck. I was able to make two during the testing phase because they come together so fast. The red plaid fabric is Liverpool and the other is a sweater knit. Both types of fabrics were super easy to sew. Since discovering the twin needle, I haven’t stopped using it to hem. On the images below you can see the setup of the twin needle. You’ll also see what the stitches look both on the front and back of the garment. I use hem tape to first secure the hem and then sew over it with my twin needle. These are helpful tips I recently discovered.

Jolene Turtleneck Dress/Top

  • size XS – XXXL
  • top & dress option
  • US Letter Size & A4 paper
  • Petite, Regular, Tall Length Options

I really enjoyed making this pattern. Will I be making more? Heck yes!! This comes together within an hour or so and right now I’m just trying to build up my wardrobe with garments that I will actually wear.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your SEWpport! If you have any questions about the pattern, let me know 🙂 XO, Diana

Week of November 6th:

Week of November 11th:
Week of November 18th:
Week of November 25th:

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  1. I loved hearing about your family’s knack for sewing and upholstery. It’s in your genetics! I’m jealous at the wardrobe you can create for yourself. Never in need of an outfit. Ha ha

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