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My Monster Tour Inspired by Lara Jean

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High school can be a tough time for many. While I didn’t necessarily have a tough time, I do have some pretty embarrassing and upsetting experiences. Looking back, I wish I would have had more self confidence and really enjoyed that time of my life. I was an introvert (I still am) and didn’t really care too much for school activities. I never went to a football game, prom or grad night. My main focus was getting into a good college, my job and my church friends/activities.

I’ll get into the sewing stuff but I really want to get into what inspired his blog. I recently watched To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix and I instantly fell in love with the movie, characters, and the protagonist’s cute outfits. I think I really enjoyed and identified with this movie because I can relate to the main character, Lara Jean. In high school, I was fortunate to have a best friend, who although we are not close anymore, she still keeps in contact and is even friends with my sisters. We became extremely close super fast and remained friends for all of high school and a few years after high school after I moved for college. I almost didn’t publish this post, because it is very personal, but I decided to go with it.

My best friend and I were so close that a girl made up a rumor that we were lesbians. This was really hurtful because a) it wasn’t true and b) why would someone make anything up about us. Lucky for us the rumor didn’t spread because quite frankly, I don’t think anyone cared about me enough to pay attention to what was going on with me.

While that was an upsetting experience, our friendship continued. One time I had a crush on a guy in my class and on Valentine’s Day I sent him a gram (a rose). I was so embarrassed afterwards, mostly because he never acknowledged the rose or spoke to me about it. So what does a best friend do ?!I’m not sure whose idea it was but we decided I would pretend her boyfriend was my boyfriend so I could save face and show my crush I had moved on!! LOL if you’ve seen the movie, this may sound familiar. I am embarrassed to admit it now , but I know I can’t be the only teenager that did crazy things in high school!

Anyway, I hope now you understand my obsession with the movie that inspired this MONSTER tour! I don’t celebrate Halloween, but I do like to make clothes inspired by movie characters. Also, I was supposed to make a few more things but I ran out of time and it is Thursday night (night before blog goes live) so being that this contains 5 handmade garments, I’ll say it’s a Monster blog!

Here’s the sewing info:

I LOVE the sweater pattern!! I am definitely going to make this one again in different fabrics. This is an easy pattern to follow and I love how it fits. My favorite features are the cuffs and waistband.

I really like plaid skirt too. I tested this pattern for M4M and there are 3 different lengths for this pattern. This is the knee length, which is my preference. The pockets are a neat detail and easy to sew. This skirt features an invisible zipper, which is not so invisible LOL. I still need to work on my zipper technique. The pattern offers a button option as well, which I also made but didn’t have time to take pics 🙁

This next top pattern is also from EAM. I had a bit of difficulty with the collar as you can see. I used Liverpool from Knitpop for the collar, which is pretty thick but adding knit interfacing would have helped the collar sit better. I like the “puffy” sleeve look made by gathering the sleeves and adding a band. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I really love tulle skirts and stripe fabric. You can find the pattern here (affiliate link). I got the stripe fabric in LA at a discount store.

The skirt is a self drafted circle skirt made with tulle purchased from Joann’s. This skirt also features an invisible zipper, which I didn’t photograph :*( My favorite part is the ribbon used as a waistband.

Would I make the sitting pretty top again? Yes, but after I make a few more sweaters. I like the look, but it’s not on my priority list. Working with tulle can be tedious. It is slippery and it’s not my favorite fabric to work with. I probably won’t wear the skirt again…on second thought, perhaps I will.

I love the shoes. I’ll say it again: I LOVE THE SHOES!!! M4M recently came out with a sock pattern featuring 3 different lengths. This is the knee length version. I am so glad I got accepted into the testing group, because I love the M4M patterns. This baby French terry in mustard (from Knitpop) is so soft. You’ll have to use a fabric that has great recovery and stretch to that your socks don’t slide down. Also, if you get the pattern, make sure to measure your calves and adjust the band as necessary.

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of my personal experiences as well as my projects. I know these outfits are not everyone’s cup of tea, but now that I’m older I don’t want to live with anymore regrets. Sure, I still worry about what people may think about what I wear and struggle with body insecurities, but I’m so proud of how far I’ve come in my sewing journey, that I wear these outfits with pride. A HUGE thanks to my husband for taking my photos and being patient with me as I try to meet my deadlines. I’m also thankful for my little boy who is our little partner and is up for anything. He probably thinks I’m crazy as I try to change in different outfits at the park restrooms! Most of the times he just plays with sticks or picks up rocks. Thankful to have my very own Peter K!!

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XO – Diana
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5 thoughts on “My Monster Tour Inspired by Lara Jean”

  1. I loved this post and how personal it was. Growing up can be tough and I thinks it’s wondeful you shared this story. I will have to check the show out on Netflix!
    Again, I’m super impressed with the projects you are sewing. Your wardrobe is the coolest!

    1. Betsy, thanks! You know how it is putting yourself out there and your emotions so I appreciate your comments. I am super impressed with you and being a mom of 4!! Thanks for reading. It means a lot ❤️

  2. I loved this post!! You’ve come a long way with your blog and all the time and dedication really shows. Keep being crazy changing in park bathrooms, don’t let anything stop you from being you 🙂

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