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Classic Zipper PJs Pattern by Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop

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One of the first things I do when I finish my projects is to show my husband. He is usually very supportive and says he likes everything I make. Upon finishing the Classic Zipper PJs I showed them to my husband and he liked them but he said that our little guy would look funny because he’s too big to wear PJs with footies (rolling my eyes). So, naturally I ignored his comment because of course he’s still my little baby and I am ignoring the fact that he’s almost three years old!! What do you think? Is there a cut off age for wearing these kind of PJs? Lets keep in mind the latest trend is adult onesies, so let’s just leave it at that.

This blog post is sponsored by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop, which means that I received this pattern for free so to review it. Thanks for  Made for Little Gents for organizing this blog tour and creating a space for us to share projects especially for boys. If you’re interested in these PDF patterns, there is a giveaway for $20 shop credit to Peek-a-book Pattern Shop. The Classic Zipper PJs are one of the many adorable patterns for boys. I enjoyed picking the fabric and notions for my son. He is really into dinosaurs so I thought for sure he would love these, but you know how kids work. You try to push something on them and they hate it and want nothing to do with it. Enter reverse psychology. I told him these were for dad and of course he then wanted them for himself.

My boy is into sharks and dinosaurs so at a recent trip to Joanns I stumbled upon a dinosaur fleece, which I thought perfect for this project. I like that the dinosaur patterns aren’t too big. Most of the patterns on fleece I’ve seen at Joanns are pretty big and I don’t particularly care for them.
layered sizes to print only what you need
wide size range newborn – size 10/12 ( I made size 3T)
knit and fleece
YouTube tutorial available
I chose view A: footed PJ
I really don’t have any cons. If I were being picky, a con may be that the seam allowances change throughout the project. BUT if you read through the pattern it clearly states that the seam allowance is clearly 1/4″ unless otherwise stated. The instructions are clear when you need to use a different seam allowance, so if you’re not paying attention you may miss that. Again, I don’t think that is necessary a con but take that into consideration.
I can’t believe I was so intimidated to sew this pattern. I was nervous about the zipper and the footies because it all looks so complicated. This is my second year sewing, so I am still a beginner and this pattern is not difficult at all. The “hardest” part of this is sewing the footies ok but with lots of clips and taking your time, you’ll be successful.
I was also intimidated by the gusset. However, the instructions and YouTube video provide tips to sew it on. I did not use my serger for the gusset because I’m still not comfortable with curves. I’m glad I used my sewing machine, again pivoting and lifting my presser foot to sew the curves.
I was hesitant to sew the elastic on the ankles to keep the feet in place, but it wasn’t hard at all and totally worth it.I did not add a zipper shield, but I wish I would have because he did complain about the zipper and especially the tail end of the zipper. I’m going to add a bit of fabric to cover that up or maybe trim it more so it doesn’t bother him.
My son is in between sizes so this 3T fits him just perfect. I have knit fabric to make him another pair of PJs but maybe I’ll wait and pick up another Peek-a-boo pattern.

So here we are at the end of this post. I’ll leave you with this picture of him being over the photo session complaining that the PJs “are too big” and he wants to take them off. Oh boy, if he only knew and appreciated his mama’s work lol. I do it for fun and to learn new techniques so it’s a win-win for me. I’m so glad I tried this pattern because it was truly easy and I was able to finish it in a couple of night’s work. My favorite thing about this pattern was the video tutorial. Often times I need someone to hold my hand and walk me through the process, so the video was perfect for me.  Also if you’re wondering why we took photos outside that is because I have zero light in our condo so we had to improvise a bit. So what do you think of the Classic PJs? I really love the colors I chose <3

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10 thoughts on “Classic Zipper PJs Pattern by Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop”

  1. Such fun pajamas! I’m wishing I did the zipper shield as well, but I didn’t get to sewing these till the day before my post, so some things had to get left out. 🙂 Hopefully he gets used to them and decides he likes them!

  2. Love the pjs you made! They fit your son perfectly. And you are never too old for footed pjs! My favorite Peek-a-boo pj pattern is the Classic Zippered PJs too!

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more on never being too old to wear the PJs. Thank you, Lisa. This is a great pattern and for sure I’m going to try the shorter version with a knit (Mickey mouse) fabric I got 😬

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