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Kids Rogue River Joggers by Toby K. Patterns

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I think we’re finally transitioning into fall here in San Diego. The mornings are pretty cold and the nights have gotten cooler. I stocked up on shorts and tank tops for my boy during the summer but now I’m running out of pants for my boy to wear during the week. I get a lot of hand me downs from my family and friends and I’m so thankful for that, but if you have young kids, you know that they accumulate a pile of dirty clothes at the end of the week. I send my boy to daycare with extra pants each week and after washing all his clothes at the end of the week, they somehow get lost in a pile of clothes I don’t get to right away. I have an old pants pattern but it is in a smaller size, so I took this opportunity to try out a new company to me, Toby K Patterns.

As part of this blog tour, I received this pattern for free to review and provide my honest opinion, so here it is. If you’d like to purchase the pattern, use TKPBLOGTOUR to save 20% off your entire purchase through November 15.

I’ll start of by saying that I’m instantly impressed by a pattern that has more than one or two features/options. I start off by trying the simplest version of the pattern or something that I’m familiar with so get a good sense of the pattern. When trying a new pattern, I try to make two of the same type so in case I mess up on one, I have the other to work with. I have a full time job and so I don’t dedicate all my time to sewing so I have to plan and spread my projects. For example, for this project, I chose the fabric (in my mind) based on what I already have available. On another day I printed the pattern and assembled. I left the cutting for another day, in which I cut two sets of that pattern. Finally, I sewed the pants and followed the instructions step by step. On the second pair, I tend to work on the steps that are “easier” like stitching the cuffs or waistband.

The downside to working on two projects at the same time is if the fabric are different colors.

I hate stopping to change the thread to match the fabric, so my inside looks a bit crazy. I also use a combination of my Brother Serger and Singer Sewing machine. Serging curves is my weakness. So I have learned to sew with my machine first and then go back and try to serge the seams, which doesn’t always work, but at least my stitches are secured from my first pass. Sure, it takes more time, but I’d hate to ruin my project because I serged too much.

Kids Rogue River Joggers

In parenthesis, I have indicated what option I chose.

  • slim fit/straight leg  (slim fit)
  • 2 waistband styles (fold over waistband)
  • 3 cuff options ( traditional fold over cuffs)
  • 3 pocket options (inseam pockets)
  • side stripe option (no side stripe)
  • knee patches (no knee patch)
  • sizes 2 – 11 & teen adult version (size 3)
  • size layers
  • Use knit fabrics (I used a combination of French terry and a mystery knit, maybe ribbed knit?)

I didn’t have any issues with the pattern instructions or actual pattern pieces. When there are so many options for one pattern, the tutorial can be very confusing or overwhelming. This was NOT the case for this pattern and I’ll tell you why. The pattern specifically instructs you to jump to X step if you’re not doing that option. I like this because I can skip ahead if I’m not adding a particular feature. I like that these joggers are trendy but not too trendy, if that makes sense?!

I experienced a little bit of trouble with the pockets because I serged the side seams. As I mentioned, I’m not good with using my serger and curves so this is the result. I wasn’t going to let this tiny hole ruin my project, so I went back to my sewing machine and closed up that little hole. You can’t really tell there is a defect there, can you?

It took me about 3 hours to sew two pairs of joggers and it was all worth it. My boy is comfortable and cozy in his new joggers and can carry a toy or two in his pockets. Now that I’m familiar with the pattern, I can try the knee patches next!!

Let me know what you think about the joggers. XO – Diana

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