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PTP Summer Vacation: Perfect Play Henley

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It seems like every other day I’m doing laundry for my two year old. He goes through shirts like crazy and I feel that he’s always wearing the same shirts. Since I don’t have time to sew for him exclusively, I’ll check out my local target for shirts but I’m constantly disappointed. They have a variety of cute shirts for girls but of course not much for boys. With that being said, you know me, I’ll jump at any chance to try a new pattern and make something for my boy. Having a deadline and purpose, in this case a blog, keeps me on track and pushes me to make time to sew. Today, I’ll be sharing the Perfect Play Henley from Pickle Toe Patterns (affiliate link). Stick around and join me for the PTP Summer Vacation Blog Tour!

The Pattern

This is my first time making a PT pattern. Please note I received the pattern free of charge as part of the blog tour.

I was blown away by how many options there are for this pattern and how easy it was to make. Here’s what you’ll get with the pattern:

    Size 2y -22
    Hood or neckband
    Pocket option
    Regular or faux layered sleeves
    Banded or hemmed sleeves
    2 sleeve options
    Regular, banded, ruffle hem
    Button placket
    Unisex pattern
    Detailed instructions with photos

Upon first printing the pattern, I was a bit overwhelmed as there were a lot of pattern pieces and also because I had no idea what I was going to sew. So I started by looking at the online photos and because we are in the midst of summer, I chose the short sleeve option with a regular neckband. I opted for he banded hem and sleeves because I don’t like hemming. I’m so glad the Henley has those options because I prefer that look over hemmed sleeves and bodice (at least until I get a coverstitch machine).

I’ve been experimenting with the double needle and with the advice of my online friends, have been successful. I have also taken the time to read my serger manual so I feel that I finally have figured out the tension settings for my knit fabrics so it was such a joy to sew these henleys. I am having trouble keeping the seam allowance on the curves when attaching the sleeve to the bodice so I am sticking to my sewing machine for the sleeve construction.

What I’ve found really helpful when trying out new patterns or just to be more effective, is to cut up two sets of patterns at once. If I mess up on one step of the construction, I can avoid the mistake on the second set I’m sewing simultaneously. I suggest you check out your knit stretch percentage as well. If the fabric doesn’t have the stretch suggested for the pattern, you may end up with some puckering on the neck band. I learned that the hard way on the navy shirt so I cut the sleeve bands a bit longer and that worked out.

When I opened the pattern instructions, I thought it was going to take me a long time to make these shirts but keep in mind there are steps for every option of the pattern so it seems like a lot. I like how it tells you to skip to another step if you’re not making that particular option. At no times was I confused on the steps. The only part I was confused was at the beginning when the instructions indicated to top stitch the placket. It said to top stitch as show in black lines but I didn’t see that so I free styled. I will add that I’m looking at the instructions from my phone (my boy broke my laptop screen accidentally) so the images are smaller. A mistake on my end was not attaching the neckband correctly where it meets the placket as you can see below, the raw edges of the neckband are visible. I may go back to fix that…. maybe.

The fabric

For this shirt, I used the Joann’s doodles Fox fabric for the upper bodice and a knit from a discounted fabric store so I don’t know what type of knit it is.

This shirt contains navy blue knit fabric from Joann’s and the denim blue is from Knit Pop.

I’m so happy with how these turned out and I plan on making more for the winter time. I hope you’re having a fun summer!

Pickle Toes Patterns is so excited to bring to you a collection of patterns that are easy and fast to sew. Their patterns have the basic ingredients that you need to make a new sew your own.
Color blocking, different fabrics and new styles are just some of the reasons that Pickle Toes Patterns should be your go-to when looking for something fun and unique. Many handmade children’s boutiques use PTP’s patterns to customize their designs.
Kellie the owner and founder of Pickle Toes Patterns started out just as clothing designer making custom children’s clothing because she couldn’t find cute clothing for her boys. Boys’ clothes eventually grew into girls’ clothing, which grew into making original designs. To make original designs, she had to make original patterns, and Pickle Toes Patterns was born!
Pickle Toes Patterns is not just a business, we are a family. I hope you enjoy sewing our patterns as much as we enjoy making them.
We hope you take the time to look at all of the other blogger’s post and creations. You can follow Pickle Toes at the following social media channels.





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