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Petite Stitchery & Co It’s Gonna Be May Blog Tour: Fit & Flowy Dress

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I cannot believe we are almost done with April and heading fast into May! I have been busy sewing a ton for my little guy so I’m switching it up with this (affiliate link) Women’s Flirt & Flowy Dress from Petite Stitchery & Co Patterns. I’m going to keep it real with you guys because I’m still trying to find patterns that work for me and that I’ll actually wear. On a daily basis I dress like a slob mainly because I don’t have a ton of clothes that fits well so I throw on the same pieces. I just turned 30 and I told myself I was going to try and be more “presentable” but we are almost halfway through the year and I have yet to try. Anyone else can relate? So in the meantime, the weekends is when I dress up and throw on some makeup and sometimes, I even do my makeup! Well, the pictures below were not taken on a weekend, but rather after a long day of work, a doctor’s appointment to diagnose my son’s ear infection, lots of crying while cooking dinner and photos taking in the parking lot of our home. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

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Regardless of the “difficulties” of the day, I’m glad I was able to take the photos and show off this dress because I really love how it turned out. As part of the “It’s going to be May” Blog Tour, Petite Stitchery & Co Patterns allowed us to choose a pattern (Thank you!). I wasn’t sure what pattern to choose but one of my friends convinced me the Flirt & Flowy Dress would be great on my body type. Glad to have great friends who have an eye for fashion because she was absolutely right! Now that I’ve gotten all the personal stuff out of the way, I’ll move on to the pattern. Don’t forget to check out the schedule below for all the other bloggers on this tour and enter the raffle to win a $50 store credit to Southern Belle Fabrics.

The Pattern:

The pattern is available in sizes XS to 3X. Based on my measurements, I chose size XXL, but I’m wondering if I could have gotten away with a size XL. I feel like I have a little bit of room and perhaps a smaller size would fit even better. This dress is so comfortable and I love how it hugs my body in the right areas! The version I made is the fitted skirt, but you can also make a flowy skirt. The length options are mini, knee length and maxi. This is the knee length pattern but next time I’ll try the mini! You can also choose from three sleeve options, which are short, mid and long sleeve.










The pattern is easy to assemble, cut and sew. I consider myself an adventurous beginner so this was a great pattern for me as I’m working more with knits and using my serger more often. For the longest time I was afraid of using my double needle so it sat all alone in my sewing junk drawer. I don’t know if it was fear or plain laziness of trying to figure out how to setup my double needle, but i feel silly that I waited so long. It was so easy to install it on my Singer machine and hem my sleeves and skirt. Lastly, I was able to practice on sewing with elastic as it is added to the skirt to make it fitted.

Make sure you have enough fabric for your dress. I started off with a different fabric but I only had enough fabric to cut the bodice and sleeves. I tried to figure out a way to make it work, but the good news is the fabric I cut will not go to waste. I can simply sew the bodice and quickly have a new top. So I had a similar problem with the second fabric of choice, a french terry grey knit. However, the second time around I cut the front side of the bodice, the two skirt pieces. Then Instead of cutting the back bodice on the fold, I cut two halves of the back bodice. Just make sure to add the seam allowance to the two halves (which will make one full back bodice) so that it fits well with the front bodice. I think this is the right way to do it, but if you have another way, let me know in the comments. The moral of the story is to make it work and don’t be discouraged if you run into small or big problems.

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