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Jean & Jamey Jammies by GYCT Designs

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My boy is my inspiration and the reason I began to sew, which is ironic because these days I don’t sew much for him. Our bed time routine is special and generally easy. So when I was given the opportunity to choose a pattern from GYCT Designs (Thank You!)I knew exactly what I wanted to make for him.

I received the Jean & Jamey Jammies pattern from GYCT Designs (affiliate link) Click here and I couldn’t be more delighted to share my creations with you. I’ve not only sewn up one pair of jammies for my boy, but I had time to make a second pair. I also made just the shorts pattern and have another set of jammies already cut and ready to be sewn. Yes!!! This is how much I enjoyed making this pattern and will continue to make it as he outgrows his new jammies.

The Pattern:

The pattern can be made for both boys and girls and even has a gathered top option for girls. You can make a short/long sleeve, banded hem/regular hem pants and shorts. Size range is 12 month – size 12. With this pattern you’re able to color block the bodice and even the pants if you go with the banded hem. You’ll need a knit fabric for the bodice and the pants/shorts can be made with a knit or woven fabric. I will go into details about the fabrics I used further below, but here are the shorts I made using a woven fabric.

I sewed a size 3 for the top and size 3 pants with size 2 elastic for the waist. The size 3 pants are a bit long and that is because I wanted him to wear these for a while so I chose to size up. I also chose to make all short sleeve tops because currently in California the nights can be warm so the short sleeve is a better option for my boy.

The only problem I had with my first pair was that I got too excited and didn’t read the instructions thoroughly on sewing the neckband to the bodice. I sewed the two shoulder seams but you’re only supposed to sew one (it is clearly indicated on the instructions), sew the neckband and then sew the second shoulder seam. This gives it a nice and clean neckband so of course, that was my mistake. I have been using my serger more frequently now so I didn’t want to undo the shoulder seam stitches to sew the neckband properly, so I decided to go with it and attach the neckband with both shoulder seams sewn. It looks slightly messed up but can you even tell? My little customer doesn’t mind nor does he even notice so I figured it wasn’t a big deal.

What I’m still learning is to be patient with the hemming. I get so excited to finish that I generally don’t put too much effort on those last steps. However,  I have tried to slow down and started using  hem tape to help with the process. Any more suggestions for making the hemming process more “enjoyable”?

Overall, I really took my time with this pattern and even enjoyed top stitching. I find that making this pattern a couple of times really helps me practice the basics of sewing with knits.

The Fabric

As I mentioned earlier, you can use knits for the bodice and woven or knits for the pants/shorts. I had usable scraps, which came in handy for the short sleeves and color blocking. I also bought my very first panels to use for this pattern (ahhhhhh!!!) It was so hard for me not to buy so many more panels, but I only got a couple that would match with what I already had in my stash.

Since this was my first time using panels, I was a bit intimidated and hesitant to cut but this was the perfect panel for the Jean & Jamey Jammies. If you can tell, the “Baby Bear” print is not centered on the top (oops) and I also made a rookie mistake of NOT prewashing my panels. What was I (not) thinking?!! Anyway, here’s what I used:

3 patterns cut

Although sewing with knits can be intimidating, don’t let that stop you from giving them a try. There are lots of online resources, such as GYCT’s Free Knit Sew Scary Email Course. I personally prefer to sew with knits, but they can be tricky at times. I suggest you start off with small projects, such as the (affiliate link) Jean & Jamey Jammies pattern and soon you’ll be sewing more complex patterns using knits.

If you’re familiar with my blog, I have used GYCT patterns a few times before here and here and I can’t stress how much I’ve found these patterns to be simple and easy to follow. If you have questions about a pattern or would like to share your creation, you can always join the GYCT Designs Facebook Group .

Do you have any suggestions/comments? Tell me who inspires you to sew. I’d love to hear from you! As for me, this little guy continues to be my inspiration.

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