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Spring In to Color: EAM Go Exploring Cardigan Pattern

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Sewing by Ti is hosting this blog tour, “Spring Into Color”. Check out the rest of the participants in this month’s blog tour below.

The theme of this month is to sew something using the colors in the Pantone Color Trend Report for Spring 2018. Now I knew there was a Pantone color of the year but had no idea there was a trend report for the different seasons. So naturally, I checked my stash for the fabrics I have in stock. I thought it had to be the exact color so even though I had a few items close to the Meadowlark and chilli oil, I decided I would go with the “coconut milk” AKA white.


I chose the Ellie and Mac Women’s Go Exploring Cardigan Click here  (affiliate link), which I bought on sale or during their Wacky Wednesday deals. I have several E&M patterns, so of course you’ll be seeing more. I can’t identify the knit I had since I got it in LA, but I think it was a knit slub fabric. I thought it would be a good idea to use this since it is a light fabric, but regretted my decision when I started sewing with it. The fabric gets distorted and loose. I started sewing the pocket first as indicated by the pattern, and couldn’t go on.

Then I started having second thoughts about sewing. Have you ever thought, “why am I doing this”? This cardigan was supposed to be a gift for my sister’s birthday and I thought with the money and time spent I could have bought her something nicer or more worthy. For my birthday she got me a ticket to the Ipsy Beauty Convention in LA (which is a bit pricey), so I started to feel guilty about my homemade gift. I spend money on fabrics, notions and lots of time sewing and so I thought is this worth it or what is the end game? This is my hobby and I enjoy it but for some reason, I was feeling very guilty. Maybe it is also the fact that I was very tired and working under pressure to meet the blog deadline (I was working late Saturday night).

Secondly, I wasn’t crazy about the pattern. I like how it looks on the testers, but I wasn’t sure my sister would like it. So I ditched that no good fabric and pulled out my french terry, which closely resembles the Blooming Dahlia color in the palette and since I didn’t have enough for all the garment, I decided to use the floral fabric for the hoodie (outer and lining), band, and pocket lining. I would say the flowers on the grey fabric have some Pink Lavender (also on the color palette), so I’m still on trend, right?


This pattern will take a lot of fabric. I think I used a little more than 3 yards and I chose size XXL based on my measurements. I do think it is too big, though. I had to cut off 3″ from the sleeves as it would have been way too long with the cuffs added. Also, I don’t like how the cuffs are too wide as I prefer a fitted cuff. I think the cardigan is nice, but I don’t like the back of the cardigan which has a “high-low hem line”. I think I would like the cardigan more if I hadn’t used the contrasting fabric, but again, I ran out of the main fabric so I had to make it work. Please note there is nothing wrong with the pattern itself and as a matter of fact, this was a simple sewing project. It helped that my little guy took a good 2 hour nap so I got a lot of sewing done.

Note there are a lot of pieces to cut since you have the inner/outer hoodie and 4 pocket pieces in addition to the bodice front and back. I forgot to mention, I don’t like the wide pockets either. I would have had to adjust the cardigan length so the pockets sit higher. I do like the concept of  having big pockets but I just don’t like how it looks. On a positive note, if you have a big phone or mini ipad, those will fit perfectly in your pocket!


What I do love about this fabric/pattern combination is how comfortable it is. I would use this to lounge around the house or if I were to go out quickly to get the mail and wanted to throw something on really quick. I can see my sister using this on a cold day bundled up reading a book or magazine. I absolutely loved it for lounging around the house and I hope my sister will do too. My sister is such a kind person she won’t care that I didn’t press the band so it looks weird or that I messed up a bit on the hemming.


I think the lesson for me is that I won’t always love the pattern. As I mentioned, this is a great pattern, which contains very good instructions and step by step pictures. I just know this pattern is not my style but I don’t have any regrets (besides first choosing the awful white slub knit). I will give this cardigan to my sister and will definitely make her something else. Even though I was questioning my hobby, today was a new day and as I saw the cardigan come to life, I remember why I love this hobby. Maybe I just need to use the fabrics and patterns in my stash before spending more on new supplies.

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