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Handmaiden’s Cottage Easter Tour: Jezebelle Reversible Apron

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Thank you for stopping by the Easter Blog Tour with The Handmaiden’s Cottage. I’m excited to share theJezebelle Reversible Apron PDF Pattern, which is a fun and flirty retro style apron. I absolutely love how the apron turned out and I’ll be making more for sure! If you like this vintage style, check out the other blogs on this tour as well. You’ll see lots of beautiful makes and will get inspired to get sewing.

The Handmaiden’s Cottage beautiful vintage patterns for girls, women, and even dolls. During the blog tour, use the coupon code EasterTour2018 for 30 % off all sewing patterns and bundles. You can also enter the giveaway for a $50 store credit to the website only. Now let’s get to the apron.

The Pattern

The reversible pattern comes in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. You can use the measurements provided as a guideline to choose a size. My measurements are off the chart so I chose size large. Since it is an apron, I didn’t think the fitting would be a problem. The pattern was easy to put together and what I like is that you save a lot of paper with this particular pattern. At first I was a bit confused as some pattern pieces are continued on other pages, somewhat out of order. HOWEVER, they are clearly labeled and everything matches up perfectly. Instead of having a lot of empty space and wasting paper, the pattern pieces are neatly organized to save space. I find this to be very helpful and I appreciate saving resources.

Since it is a reversible pattern, you will be cutting 2 of each fabric. You’ll also need interfacing, which I have on hand, so make sure you read the supplies list before digging into your pattern. Oh yes, there is a supplies list so you can print that out or view it on your device and shop your stash or fabric store. I should really take my own advice, though. I started sewing and didn’t have coordinating thread for the “Chinese Red” fabric so I used white. I also didn’t have the elastic required so I used what I had and cut it to the size of the elastic required for the pocket. Don’t forget to grab a small safety pin if you don’t already have some.

I had a medium size safety pin and I jammed it in the casing to get the elastic through on the pocket. I was so excited to finish my apron that I didn’t want to unstitch, so I made it work. Make sure to sew the pocket casing leaving enough space to get the elastic through. My casing got narrow towards the middle of one of the pockets so I had a hard time getting the safety pin through, but that was my fault (oops). I love that this apron has a pocket on each side. The neck and waist ties are also a a neat touch.

The instructions were well written and I didn’t have any trouble understanding. This project is a bit out of my comfort zone because as I mentioned, you’re basically sewing two aprons and making it one to have the reversible feature. I only struggled at the very end when it came down to closing the opening of the back side of the apron. It was late at night and I was rushing to finish the apron so I didn’t quite understand how to close it up or if I was suppose to topstitch both front and back together. I finished it as I thought it should be, but I quickly realized that wasn’t the right way. So, I stopped for the night and showed my husband and he said you couldn’t tell much. I decided I’m going to reread the instructions carefully and fix it. For now, I’m leaving it as is and this apron is for me so I don’t mind the little mistake. I can’t wait to make the next apron and I know this sounds crazy, but I don’t want to use the apron because it will get dirty. The good thing is I have two sides to use before tossing it in the wash.

The Fabric

When Lo from Seams Sew Lo, (THANKS for organizing) announced the tour, I checked out the Handmaiden’s website. The Jezebelle apron immediately caught my eyes and not knowing if I was going to get chosen or not, I bought the cupcake fabric from Joannes. This is a fun print suitable for an apron and it is 100% cotton so it was easy to work with. I have 4 yards of the “Chinese Red” cotton in my stash that I thought it would match the cupcake print. This fabric is also 100% cotton so it is easy to care for.

If you’re looking for a fun and easy project with a twist, the Jezebelle is for you! I had so much fun making the apron. I wish I could look like this when cooking LOL. Can you tell I had fun taking pics and getting dressed up? Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!

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  1. That apron is wondermous! I absolutely agree that I wouldn’t want to use it because it will get dirty. Ha! Beautiful job!

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