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GYCT Spring Dress Tour: Happily Ever After Girls Pattern

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Welcome to the GYCT Designs Get Ready for Spring Blog Tour! I am so excited to share the Happily Ever After Dress (affiliate link), I made for my little niece. If you want to get inspired to sew for the little ones in your life, check out the other posts on this blog tour above. Also, during the blog tour (March 4 – 11), use the coupon code “SPRINGTOUR” to receive 15% off  your entire order from GYCT Designs (affiliate link). Lastly, there is a giveaway at the end of the post, so don’t forget to enter to win $20 from Sunshine Rae Fabrics and 2 patterns of your choice from GYCT Designs. Now let’s get on to the beautiful dress pattern!

I received the Happily Ever After dress pattern as part of this blog tour and since I don’t have any daughters of my own, I decided to sew this dress pattern for my niece, Cali Aurora. Of course I drew my inspiration from Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Isn’t she adorable??!!


The Pattern

Recently,  I sewed the Trendsetter Joggers pattern from GYCT for my boy, so I had an idea on what to expect from the pattern designer as far as instructions and readability. I was not disappointed on this pattern as there are full color photos and very detailed instructions that are very helpful. I like that the instructions are not crammed into a page so you don’t get overwhelmed with the details… or is that just me ?! The designer even includes a link to a tutorial on how to understitch, which is something I’ve never done so that tutorial came in handy. I didn’t have to go and search online for a tutorial since the link was already in the pattern. How awesome is that!!

There aren’t many pattern pieces for this dress either and it has the paper saving feature which gives you the skirt dimensions for you to cut instead of assembling a skirt pattern piece. Since this skirt is for a small child, I didn’t mind not having the pattern as the fabric was easy to manage. Unfortunately, I didn’t get enough fabric of the pink cotton for the bodice and skirt so in the end I had to use the lining fabric (polyester) as the actual skirt piece (oops), but I think it turned out ok. What do you think? Since you are working with child sizes, it will be a breeze to tape your pattern pieces and cut them. The sizes for this pattern range from 12-24 month, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, and 12.

This is a great project for anyone, especially a beginner.  Here are a few new techniques that I learned from making this dress:

  • attaching an invisible zipper PROPERLY with a zipper foot – YouTube Tutorial
  • sewing a lining to the bodice
  • understitching
  • attaching the bodice to the skirt with an overlay (tulle)

The techniques I learned from this pattern have already been used on other projects I’m currently working on. I don’t suggest you sew when you’re extremely tired, though. If you’re like me that mostly sews at night when your littles are asleep, you may make a mistake or two (or three). Pay attention that you don’t sew the back bodice piece where the zipper goes! Unfortunately, I made that mistake but luckily it was a quick fix.

You have the option of top stitching the bodice pieces and I suggest you do so as well. The dress will look so beautiful inside and out with top stitching.

Secondly, make sure that you pay attention to the fabric requirements and buy enough fabric! As I mentioned, I also had a solution for my mistake and used the lining fabric for the skirt bodice. Lastly, pay close attention when gathering your skirt and attaching it to the bodice. I must have not pinned correctly so a piece of the skirt didn’t get sewn onto the bodice so I went back and unstitched that section and went back to sew it properly. However, I didn’t unstitch the whole bodice/skirt so it looked a bit funky. Did I mention I ran out of pink thread so I had white stitches showing on the front skirt?? I freaked out for a second but then I thought how can i fix this without having to unstitch all of the skirt?

My friend had given me a bunch of ribbons and trims and in that collection was a lace trim that I decided to add as a detail on the skirt AKA to hide the white stitches showing up on the skirt as a result of poorly sewn skirt to bodice. I do think this lace trim adds a nice detail to the dress, though. My sister is not picky so I knew she wouldn’t mind my mistakes. You have the option of attaching the shawl two ways and I chose to attach it at the bodice by hand stitching and leaving it hanging loose at the back instead of securing it at the back bodice. To be honest, I was just lazy!


I purchased all of my fabrics at my local joanne’s store:

Overall, I’m so happy with the finished  Happily Ever After dress. Sometimes mistakes make for beautiful details!


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