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PS & CO Valentines Blog Tour: Women’s Cassidy Sweater

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I cannot believe we are already in February!! You know what that means? Valentine’s day and a chance to make cute outfits for your kids and/or yourself. This month I’m joining the PS & Co Valentine’s Day Blog tour hosted by Lo from Seams Sew Lo. I’m really enjoying the blog tours I’ve joined because it gives me a chance to discover new patterns and keeps me sewing consistently. I also love connecting with the other members of the tour and seeing what they’re making. At the bottom of the post you’ll see what others have been sewing and what is scheduled for the rest of the month. Okay, now let’s get to what you’re here for.

Let’s talk about the pattern first. I received the Cassidy Sweater Pattern from Petite Stitchery  Affiliate link. I chose this pattern because I loved how it looked on the various types of bodies shown on the website. I was intrigued by the style that has a twist that can be worn at the front or back side. There are several options for the pattern as it could be made as a tunic, regular length, sleeves or no sleeve options. The size range is XS – 3X and it retails for $8.50. What I like about this pattern is that it has a wide range of sizes and of course fabric suggestions. Make sure that you use that as a guideline when buying your fabric…I didn’t 🙁 This is a pattern labeled as “confident beginner”, so I do think you use some of your prior experience when constructing this pattern but even if you’re not a “confident beginner”, give it a try. I also like how the pattern gives you a layout of how you should cut your fabric. This is always very helpful as you don’t want to waste any fabric.

It took me about 3 hours to assemble the PDF pattern as I made a mistake of printing in color. Well, the library I print at doesn’t have an option for color printing as this is helpful when cutting your size. What is neat about the pattern (and would have been easier for me) is that it has the “layers” feature in Adobe so you can select what size you want to print. I should have only selected to print my size or maybe one size down and one size up. This would have saved me a lot of time as I printed all the sizes and the lines get intertwined so I had a hard time following my size to cut.  At the end you will have assembled 3 pattern pieces. Do not be intimidated by the pattern or once you start looking at the instructions. It is not as difficult as it seems. The Facebook group also offers support as I had a question about cutting and the members of the group came to my rescue!!! Thank you!

Based on my measurements (found in my previous post here), I selected a size XXL. The fabric I chose is Knit striped Slub Navy (61% polyester, 37% cotton, 2% spandex). This fabric doesn’t have a ton of stretch and it somewhat drapes. It definitely gives the garment a relaxed fit. So next time I will choose a fabric that meets the pattern requirements as I think this may be too loose for me. I do however like it because I don’t like things too close to my body as it accentuates certain areas I don’t like but I will try a different type of knit for sure! By the way, I purchased 3 yards of this fabric from Joann Fabric (in store), but couldn’t find it online. This fabric was actually easy to sew with. I was nervous it was going to get caught up in the feed dogs or was going to have a hard time, but I didn’t have any issues at all.

So I was a bit scared about creating the holes for where the twist sets but the instructions are well written so that you can understand what to do. I don’t know if my instinct kicked in or what, but I didn’t have trouble interpreting those instructions. I kept reading it over and over thinking there was something I was missing but finally I just went for it and it went well. The instructions have photos for every step, but I wish they were not so much of a close up so I can see the garment in the entire perspective. This is only my preference though and my style of learning.

So then came the second most intimidating part, the twist. Again, I thought this would be complicated but no, I literally followed the instruction and boom I had the twist. So the issue was that the hole was too big as you may be able to see below and that is because as the pattern designer mentions, the different fabrics have different bulk therefore fitting differently. I left that alone and moved on to the next steps. It was only when I was done with the garment that I went back to revisit that area and basically sewed the hole to make it smaller. The pattern designer does have that instruction as well, even though at first I didn’t get the purpose of the step, but after I had the issue, it made sense. Sewing that hole was no problem and it went surprisingly well. I gathered the seams and did a zig zag stitch until where I felt the fabric would not shift. Woohooo success! I must have cut something wrong as I ended with two uneven sleeve sides and I have no idea what happened but after trying to figure it out, I gave up and cut the excess (it worked out).

As I mentioned before, this pattern has a sleeve option and cuff measurements. I started to cut the cuffs and after several tries I gave up. I was tired and no patience to figure out the issue after I had started to sew the cuff and realized it would not stretch to fit the measurement of the sleeve. Of course, I had cut a smaller size cuff. So instead I decided to hem the sleeve (hole?) 1/2″, where I felt the length was comfortable and I said good night. As you can see below, It doesn’t look bad does it?

I fell in love with the look as soon as I was done and had tried it on. When I took pics, I realized it was a bit loose and was bummed as I wanted it a bit more fitting – again the fabric choice was my mistake (although I do like this loose fitting and fabric choice). My husband made me feel more at easy saying it was fine and truly this is my style as I wear more loose fitting clothes. Will I make this pattern again? Yes, Yes, Yes and you should too!! I’m so glad I got to try this pattern and something out of my skill comfort level as I know now that I can only get better and my garments aren’t half as bad.



So, do you like the twist at the front or back? I guess you will have to find out. Go check out the pattern and have fun sewing.

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22 thoughts on “PS & CO Valentines Blog Tour: Women’s Cassidy Sweater”

  1. Good job! It looks great! I will have to buy this pattern and work up my nerve to try it 🙂 I like to print and assemble And read directions and then give myself time for that to sink in before trying something more complex 🙂

    1. I am the same way! It looks scarier than it actually is so I encourage you to try it. The online support group (Facebook) is very helpful too so you have plenty of support.

    1. It is a different feel, but I don’t mind it. I was definitely not thinking through the fabric choice as I did notice it can get a bit hot. Also it does have a rough feel but it’s not too bad.

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