Sewing Challenge of The Week

Sewing Challenge of The Week

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I live a couple of hours away from my family in LA so I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like. Over the last few months my mom, myself and Libby have really bonded over our passion for sewing and are all addicted to buying fabrics. A few weeks ago I made a trip to LA to visit my family and of course we had to go to the Fashion District in Downtown LA to check out fabrics and notions. I really had a great time spending time with them and at the end of our trip we each came out with about 8-10 yards of fabric. Over the next couple of days I thought “what am I going to do with all these fabrics?” I didn’t buy them for a specific project in mind so they were going to most likely sit in my stash pile for a few months. It was then that I talked to Libby and we thought why not create a weekly sewing challenge by using YouTube videos, blog posts or books targeted for beginners? The purpose is to work on the same tutorial over the course of the week and when we are done we will write our own review based on our experience with the tutorial. Sewing one project per week seems like a realistic goal. Not only are we building up our wardrobe but in a way, Libby and I are also sewing together even though we are hundreds of miles apart. We will be posting our weekly challenge on instagram and you can join in on the challenge as well by using #mysewingrootschow

If you have any suggestions on tutorials we can try next, please let us know!

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